Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...
Systematic touching, loving,
Caressing my inner desire.
Hidden women echo my delight,
Triumphing in your glory.
Breathing hot against your skin,
Scents permeate my presence.
An untamed rhythm,
Capping the salty waves
With deep and desperate kisses.
The vibrant warmth of your voice,
The music of your fragile hands.
How profound, your husky laugh
Moving through my deep quiet,
Still and silent,
Pulling me into you.
Lost within your darling eyes,
My fingers trace your back,
Define your cheeks,
Exalt in your brows and ears.
I am content in your smile
And the way your gaze holds me.
Whispers only for my ear,
My face pressed against your neck,
Your hair teasing my hands.
Finally, finally, finally,
Your lashes drop as you hold me,
Stable and precious in like,
And you make me feel so
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

by Sunnycrescent